Are Bad Bacteria in Your Gut Feasting on Your Leftovers?

There’s a reason we call it an “upset stomach.” There is a delicate balance within your digestive system that can be easily upset. Digestion is a finely-tuned process involving multiple organs that work in concert with each other in order for the system to function properly. There are trillions (you read that right… trillions with a “t”) of bacteria, some good, some bad that live in your gut. These hungry bacteria will gobble up any food that you don’t readily digest, which can start a war in your digestive tract between the good and the bad bacteria. To get the most from your food, and to stop feeding the microorganisms in your gut, try adding a digestive enzyme like UpZymes to your diet. Digestive enzymes can play a major role in creating a hospitable environment where peace can reign in your gut!

—Dr. Joshua Levitt