Ancient Biblical Herb Soothes Joint Pain

Piles of frankincense and myrrh with gold jewellery isolated on white

Many of you may be familiar with the mention of “frankincense and myrrh” in the Bible. These medicinal herbs are mentioned multiple times in the Bible, the most well known example being that these herbs were given as gifts by the Magi to the newborn Jesus. These herbal gifts were given along with gold, which gives us all a sense of the value of these medicinal herbs.

Today, there is a wealth of science to back up the use of both of these spices for a variety of conditions: they are valuable indeed. For this article, I’d like to focus on frankincense, known by botanists as Boswellia serrata. Boswellia is one of the star ingredients in my AI-4X anti-inflammatory formula, due to its remarkable healing benefits.

Frankincense is a white resin extracted from the Boswellia tree, which grows across parts of the Middle East and Northeast Africa. This resin is often used to make a fragrant essential oil. It can also be added to a variety of supplements. While frankincense is a spice, it’s not the kind you would want to sprinkle on your oatmeal or use in any culinary dish. The flavor of this resin is very bitter: it’s not a culinary spice, but rather a potent medicinal one.

This ancient, prized spice has a wealth of health benefits. Just a few of include:

– Combatting inflammation throughout the body. This is the most famous and useful application of frankincense, and the reason it plays a starring role in AI-4X. Keeping inflammation under control can help prevent many chronic illnesses, including heart disease, autoimmune illnesses, and more.

– Assisting the immune system thanks to its antiseptic properties. Frankincense may help the body to fight off microbial invasion more efficiently.

– Speeding the healing time of small cuts and scrapes (in its essential oil form). Frankincense oil applied to a cut may also help it to stop bleeding faster.

– Helping the body more optimally absorb nutrients. This is a big one, as you want to get the most nutrition out of the foods you eat.

– Reducing joint pain significantly

– Opening airways to allow for more relaxed breathing

– Controlling blood pressure

– Soothing indigestion

– Relieving stress and anxiety (it’s a great spice to use in meditation)

– Potentially protecting the body against the development of cancer

It’s easy to see that Boswellia is not just an ancient spice: it can do as much good today as it did centuries ago.

If you’re thinking of adding Boswellia to your herbal arsenal, make sure you do your homework to ensure you are getting a top-quality product. Also, it’s important to note that frankincense should not be used while pregnant, and that it may interact with certain medications, so be sure to check with your health professional before beginning a regimen. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, give it a try: you’ll soon learn why Boswellia has such a rich history.

– Dr. Joshua Levitt