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  • Golden Revive +

    Supports Joint and Muscle HealthFrom $67.00 $59.95

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  • Eat Well +

    Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzyme From $57.00 $49.95

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  • Probiotic +

    Digestive Health and Intestinal Immunity From $47.00 $39.95

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  • Immune 11x

    Immune Support FormulaFrom $47.00 $39.95

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  • Mind & Mood

    Rapidly Eliminate Stress, Fatigue & Brain Fog From 67.00 $59.95

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  • Rest & Recharge

    Rest & Recharge Your System Every Night From $47.00 $39.95

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  • Manuka Miracle

    Skin-Rejuvenating Honey Balm From $57.00 $49.95

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  • The ACV Secret

    Natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer From $57.00 $49.95

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Dr. Josh LIVE

The Weight Loss Secret | Dr. Josh LIVE

In this one hour session, Dr. Joshua Levitt reveals his secret to weight loss...separating fact from fiction and busting the most prevalent fat loss...

Aging in Reverse with Immune Support | Dr. Josh LIVE

In this one hour session, Dr. Joshua Levitt reveals the three most important vitamins (and one mineral) for immunity, a roadside weed that's also...

The 1 Day Inflammation Reset | Dr. Josh LIVE

In this one hour session, Dr. Joshua Levitt reveals the secret to extinguishing inflammation - the #1 cause of pain and suffering - 100%...

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Golden Revive +
Supports Joint and Muscle Health
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Skin Rejuvenation Balm
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Dr. Josh Levitt

Whether it’s his depth of knowledge, wisdom of experience, down to earth professionalism, kindness and compassion, expertise in natural medicine...Dr. Josh checks all the boxes that you could ever want in a physician. In practice, Dr. Josh draws upon the science of both conventional and naturopathic medicine and artfully combines the two into a unique “best of both worlds” approach. He is widely known for his exceptional diagnostic skills, his depth of knowledge, and his casual charismatic style. We are grateful to have him here at UpWellness.

Dr. Amanda Levitt

Dr. Amanda Levitt is a bright light for anyone in search of common sense natural health solutions. She has deep expertise in using nutrition and herbal medicine which she uses to treat digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, and a wide range of general health concerns. In her clinical practice she is an experienced, kind and compassionate physician. Everything we do at UpWellness is infused with her wisdom and experience and she is a valuable asset to our company and our customers.