The UpWellness Story

Dawn patrol.  That’s what we called our early morning surf sessions in California.  I remember one such morning… a warm summer day when the waves were head high and the wind was blowing gently offshore, perfect conditions.  The day before was good…smaller waves but nice warm water and I knew that day would be even better.  We all jumped out of the van, pulled our surfboards off the roof and ran down to the water to paddle out.  As the first wave washed over me…I almost lost my breath.  The water was WAY colder than it had been at the same beach just the day before.   

If you’ve ever been to the beach for a summer vacation, you may have experienced something very similar.  You’ve been told to expect warm summer ocean temperatures only to find out that the water is much chillier than you expected.  You have to jump in right? It’s summer vacation! 

What happened?  Your friends who were at the beach a few days ago said the water was warm and they swam all day long.

There is a remarkable effect that occurs in the ocean when the wind and the water currents combine to create an important phenomenon.  Of course, we all love swimming and surfing in warmer water…but that warm water that has been soaking up the summer sun can actually become depleted – void of nutrients for the surrounding fish and marine life in that area. 

This wind pattern will actually gently blow the warm, nutrient-depleted waters away from the shore.   This creates a rising deep water current that brings the colder, more nutrient-rich water toward the surface of the ocean. This colder water is actually so nutrient-dense that it can be a hotbed for fishing, as the sea-life becomes more active around these waters.

This important ocean phenomenon is called an Upwelling.

Here’s a picture of the phenomenon from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association).

This phenomenon of a nutrient dense infusion that increases biological productivity is exactly what UpWellness is all about.  I want to help rid away all of your old nutrient-deficient habits and lift you up to a better, stronger, healthier you. 

UpWellness is about nutrient-rich living. 

All of our products are created with the intentions of helping you get well and stay well.  These products are the highest quality nutritional and herbal supplements on the market.  I use them in my practice with my patients, I recommend them to my family, and I take them myself. 

Let’s bring the UpWellness phenomenon to you and your family!

Dr. Joshua Levitt