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There is a diverse ecosystem of microorganisms that have made a home inside your gastrointestinal tract. We call this health-promoting ecosystem the gastrointestinal microbiome. Most of the trillions of “houseguests” in your microbiome are beneficial bacteria that are actually quite good for you. They help clean up, protect you from invaders, and keep your system running smoothly.

Unfortunately…there are many aspects of modern day life that can lead to decreases in the diversity in the microbiome and overgrowth of dangerous and unwanted organisms. Of course, healthy diet and lifestyle choices are important steps in maintaining the health of your microbiome.

Here at UpWellness, we encourage you to make the kinds of diet and lifestyle choices that lead to a healthy body and a healthy microbiome. Unfortunately, we also understand the reality that many of the factors that damage the microbiome are entirely outside of your control.

And that's why we created Probiotic +.


Probiotic + is a premium blend of beneficial microorganisms that were carefully selected to help:

  • Reduce gas, bloating, and indigestion
  • Improve bowel regularity
  • Support intestinal immunity
  • Promote a healthy, balanced, and diverse microbiome

The 6 powerful ingredients that you'll get in Probiotic + are:

This strain has proven benefits for general system support and has been studied specifically for women’s health.

A proven strain for gastrointestinal health, Lr-32 has strong adhesion inside the intestine where it gets to work decreasing inflammation and modulating immune function and disease resistance.

Found in traditional fermented foods like sauerkraut, Lp-115 is a survivor. It can survive the acidic conditions in the stomach and sets up camp in the intestine where it is extremely effective for improving gastrointestinal function and immunity.

This beneficial bacteria is an important part of the intestinal ecosystem from before the time humans can even walk. Healthy populations of Bb-06 in the intestine help gastrointestinal function, metabolism, and inflammation.

This strain of Bifidobacterium became famous in 2015 when research was published that demonstrated that Bb-03 can improve metabolism and help people lose fat more easily.

This is not a bacteria like the rest of the strains in the formula...instead it is a beneficial, non-pathogenic microorganism that is similar to brewer's yeast. It helps to expel the unwanted “bad bugs” from the GI tract which leaves room for the “good guys” to grow and improves immunity by increasing the levels of protective antibodies in the lining of the intestine which improves the immunity of the intestine itself and the body as a whole.

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